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Scrum for Startups - does it work?

I am currently the Agile Coach/Scrum Master/Project Guru (that last, totally unpretentious title was dreamed up by Peter, one of the founders, but it looks cool at the bottom of an email) at a startup, Crunding , which makes mobile apps for end-users.  This is not my first job at a startup, in fact this company is a lot more 'established' than anywhere I have worked in the last few years. Photo: Guian Bolisay When looking at Scrum and Agile, one of the things that strikes me is that the loudest advocates of Agile techniques seem to be working at the least Agile organisations, like banks and in government.  That is of course a good thing: top-down organisations have a lot that they can learn from mindsets that promote innovation. But the startup crowd is very quiet when it comes to getting organised.  If you have a young product, are not stuck in a rut and indeed have no solidified management yet - the eyes are not yet turned inwards and there is perhaps less to talk abo