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I help organisations ranging from institutions to enterprises to start-ups take 'agility' from being just a word in their strategy to sustainably changing their culture. I really love sailing, my career started as a yacht skipper and I have trained and been on some great sailing teams. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with my wife and two children. 

I have always been deeply intrigued by teams and communities. I believe strongly in emergent leadership and commitment to each other and learning together as the keys to performing. Products and services are tools that should make their users fantastic and will therefore be fun to work on.

Enabling innovation and problem solving with Lean and Agile - where especially Scrum, Human Centric Design and Open Source are my weapons of choice - I have the advantage that I can take the perspective of a manager but also that of a start-up founder and a developer.>

This website is my online CV.

Dennis Mansell
+31 6 28 838 432

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