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Scrum Studio - simple, end-to-end, adoptable

I've written a blog post on our company blog about 'Scrum Studio' - a developing idea about how to re-think your teamwork to be simple,  end-to-end and with ways to adopt it.  In short: my take on the missing bits of Scrum.  A special shoutout to Gunther Verheyen and the rest of the Scrum Caretakers - as well as the fantastic members of Studio 800 and Team Oranje at Mirabeau.

Click here for the blog post.

Johan Cruijff's Agile Mindset

I wrote a LinkedIn article after being inspired by Joost Icke's original piece. Johan Cruijff had some amusing sayings but also had a very deep understanding of team performance as a system.

From Workaholic to Value Ninja

A not-so-recent post by user story god Mike Cohn drifted into my timeline today. I had just finished a user story mapping session at a client.  We ended our user story mapping session with three user stories as candidates for top-of-backlog that would clearly bring huge value to our client and a whole wall full of user stories that ranged from pretty cool to utterly pointless. In the evening I also received a bunch of time-sheets telling me how each team member had spent their hours. How are these two related? Being a workaholic Hi, I'm Dennis and I'm a recovering workaholic. I've had some pretty bad binges. I once worked so hard that I forgot when I had last eaten. My wife had to tell me that it had probably been more than 36 hours as I had left for the office the day before without breakfast and I hadn't left the office except for a quick cat-nap in between. I had a headache and was a bit dizzy but she had to point out to me that that probably had to …

Questions for interviewing Scrum Masters

I contributed to a blog post on Luis Goncalves' Blog. Check it out: Scrum Master Interview Questions.

Luis Gonçalves is an Organisational Transformation Coach and he loves to write about Agile RetrospectivesScrum, the role Scrum Master, and Agile in general.

Luis has created a Scrum Master Training for the agile community. If you are interested in knowing more or even working with him you can find him here: Agile Coach München.

Agile Transition Path Whitepaper

How do you transition your company to something that you would want to call 'agile'?  Spoiler: there isn't a way, at least not a single one.  I wrote this whitepaper for my employer Mirabeau, for managers and directors to consider:
Whether you need to improve your agilityHow that worksHow to manage/govern/control thisThe associated costs, risks, resources and re-organisationRead More >>