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How Agile Retrospectives Contribute For Team Learning

Hello, I am privileged to be asked by Dennis Mansell to write a guest post about this fascinating and important topic: Agile Retrospective . Agile retrospective plays an important role in team building and should be performed at the end of every sprint. The process helps the team identify what worked and what didn’t so that they can make improvements in the next Sprint. For teams’ new to the process, they can do these easy exercises to help facilitate their meetings. The Sailboat Retrospective In this exercise, the facilitator draws a sailboat in the middle of a whiteboard or large poster paper. To represent the team. Team members then write on post it notes what they felt was an anchor (something that held them back) and what was the wind (parts of the project that worked and moved them forward). After place the anchors and wind on the board by the sailboat, the team discusses their findings. The Starfish Retrospective The facilitator draws a starfish shape to div