How to help Wikileaks

Whatever your opinion may be on the recent 'cablegate' releases from wikileaks, blocking openness with hacking, ddos attacks and bullying is not the democratic way of doing things. What can you do about it?

File a complaint:
to Amazon Cloud Services (their IP addresses:,
to Paypal
to Mastercard (currently offline due to a DDoS attack)
to Visa Europe
to Twitter (or tweet @Support)

Sign a petition:

Download a torrent of the site and the 'insurance file' and keep seeding it:
The torrent is here:

torrent clients (to open and download the torrent with)

Mirror the wikileaks site:

'Like' Wikileaks on Facebook

Change your DNS settings so you can open any website you like, not just those approved by the US:
for Windows7, Vista, XP
for Mac
for Linux


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